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Buck’s Big Breakfast- 3 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, 2 sausage links, ham, hash brown, toast and jelly… $8.95

Corned Beef Hash, 2 eggs, hash browns, toast and jelly… $7.95

Country Breakfast- 2 eggs, choice of bacon, sausage or ham, hash browns, toast and jelly…. $7.95

2 eggs, toast and jelly$3.95

2 eggs, hash browns, toast and jelly$4.95

2 eggs and ½ order of biscuits and gravy… $4.95

Eggs Benedict served with Hash browns and topped with our famous Hollandaise sauce... $8.95

Spicy Breakfast 3 eggs, 2 homemade spicy sausage patties, hash browns, toast and jelly... $8.95

Texas French Toast, cinnamon & vinalla dipped texas toast sprinkled with powdered suger & cinnamon$5.25

Pancakes, w/ chocolate chips or blueberries$4.95/$5.95

Biscuits and Gravy.. 

½ order.. $3.25

Full order.. $5.25

Breakfast Sandwich egg and cheese with your choice of sausage, ham, or bacon on an english muffin... $4.95

     w/ spicy sausage… $5.25

Breakfast Sides

Ham, bacon, sausage links, or patties... $3.25

2 spicy sausage patties... $3.75

Bagel w/ cream cheese... $2.50

Bagel, english muffin, marble rye or sour dough toast w/jelly... $2.25

White or wheat toast w/jelly... $1.95

Hash browns... $2.25

Corned beef hash... $3.95


All omelets are 3 eggs and served with potatoes and toast

Country Omelet- Sausage & Cheese smothered with sausage gravy... $8.95

Meat lover’s omelet- Ham, bacon, sausage &  cheese... $8.95

Meat & cheese omelet- your choice of ham, bacon or sausage & cheese… $6.95

Western Omelet- Ham, onion, green pepper and cheese... $7.95

Mediterranean Omelet- Spinach, feta, gyro meat, tomato and onion. Server with house made Tzatziki... $8.95

Veggie Omelet- loaded with your favorite vegetable and cheese... $7.95


Deluxe- served with fries & coleslaw 

Baked Ham & Swiss- Ham, Swiss Cheese, lettuce, tomato, w/our special sauce on a rustic ciabatta... $8.25

Spicy Buffalo Chicken- Chicken Breast w/ hot sauce, swiss, lettuce, Red onion, Blue cheese on rustic Ciabatta bun... $8.95

B.L.T- Bacon, lettuce, & tomato on your choice of bread... $6.95

Chicken Rancher Pita- Breaded Chicken Strips, lettuce, Shredded cheese, tomatoes & ranch dressing served on wrap or Pita... $7.25

Reuben- Corned Beef, Swiss, sauerkraut on grilled rye... $8.25

Tuna Sandwich- White albacore tuna mixed w/mayo and celery topped w/lettuce & tomato on your choice of toasted bread.. $7.25

Tuna Melt- Tuna, swiss cheese on deli rye grilled to perfection... $7.25 

Buck’s Trio- Chicken Breast, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, american cheese and mayo on a rustic ciabatta... $8.95


Big Buck- double decker cheese burger patties with shredded lettuce, bacon and special sauce... $7.95

1/3 Pound Hamburger- Lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle... $5.75

w/ cheese... $6.25

Old Time Slider- one single ground beef slider w/American cheese, grilled onions, and pickle... $1.95

½ lb hamburger served with lettuce, tomato and onion..

       w/ cheese…

Patty Melt- Ground beef patty, w/swiss cheese & grilled onions on grilled rye... $7.55


Michigan Salad- Romaine Lettuce, Dried Cranberries, Walnuts, Red Onions, Tomatoes, Bleu Cheese w/ Raspberry Vinaigrette... $8.95

Caesar- Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan Cheese, Croutons & Caesar dressing... $6.25

Side salad- lettuce, shredded cheese, tomato, cucumbers and red onion... $3.25


Ranch, Italian, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Caesar, Thousand Island


Basket of fries... $3.25

Chicken Strips... $6.95

Cheese Sticks... $5.95

Cole Slaw... $2.25

Onion Rings... $3.95


Cadillac Coffee... $1.95

Brewed Iced Tea... $2.25

Lemonade... $2.25

Coke Products... $2.25

Juice and Milk... $2.50

Kids Menu

Pancake Breakfast w/ sausage links or bacon... $5.99

1 egg with sausage links or bacon & toast... $5.99

French Toast with sausage links or bacon... $5.99

Chicken Tenders... $5.99

Grilled Cheese... $5.99

Slider Burger... $5.99

  • Michigan Salad w/ Chicken

  • Mediterranean Chicken Pita

  • Eggs Benny

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  • From One Small Town To Another.

    Get to know the owners, John and Tarra Hurlburt.

    John fell in love with Port Hope many years ago as him and his closest friends would spend the fall to enjoy the wonderful hunting that Port Hope has to offer.

    Tarra had spent most of her life operating a resturant in Fair Haven called "Buck's", named after her grandfather.

    Together, the couple has been looking to permanently move to Port Hope for years. When the resturant presented itself, they quickly decided that it was meant to be. They can establish roots in the community while carrying on grandpa Buck's legacy.